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“…having some of the most intense drum work I’ve ever come across, the sound of his double kicks alone left your ears ringing.”

@Electric Ballroom, London 2017 –

“An angel-faced, ultra-British drummer with a metronomic demon inside.” 

@Mostovna, Slovenia 2017 -

Stephen Wilkinson is a talented multi-instrumentalist who has been performing on drums for over 20 years, gaining vast live and recording experience. Whilst currently drumming in several bands including Void of Light, Enucleate, Suffering Rites, and Myvalyir, Stephen has also performed on the more extreme end of the Metal spectrum as a member of Dragged Into Sunlight. During this time, he helped to write and record their EP - Terminal Aggressor II - and the band toured Europe with The True Mayhem (twice) and performed at festivals including Damnation Festival (UK), Dark Mofo (AUS), Netherlands Death Fest (NL), and Brutal Assault (CZ). Stephen also previously performed live with One Machine and has recorded and performed with a multitude of bands such as RepulsivePteroglyphSlaughter Throne, and more.

Alongside his “heavier” endeavors, Stephen has a plethora of musical qualifications and experience including ATCL Diplomas on both Classical Guitar and Recorders, Grade 8 Alto Saxophone, Grade 7 Drums, and Grade 5 Music Theory. Along with this, he has vast experience of performing in various orchestras and ensembles including the National Youth Guitar Ensemble, The Corinium Player’s Guitar Ensemble, and the Swindon Jazz Orchestra.


A collection of musical works that Stephen has had the privilege to perform on:

Suffering Rites

Self-Titled EP (2024)


Chaorealm EP (2024)

Void of Light

Enshroud EP (2023)

Void of Light

Self-Titled EP (2022)

Dragged Into Sunlight

Terminal Aggressor II (2020)

Lake Baikal

Astral Rot EP (2020)


The Flesh Domain EP (2017)


Isolation EP (2015)

Slaughter Throne

Wrath of an Ancient Darkness EP  (2014)


Serious Business EP (2012)


Watch this cover of "One By One" by Immortal, along with other examples of my previous live performances via the playlist link below:


Below is a list of all the bands that I am currently a part of and bands that I have had the privilege of working with in the past

Current Bands:

Previous Bands:

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